St. Colmans

Mon - 9.30am
Tue - 9.30am
Wed - 9.30am
Thu - 9.30am
Fri - 9.30am
Sat - 10.00am
Sun - 11.00am
  R + C
  R + C
  R + C

R + C  Rosary and              Communion

* followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

All Saints

Sun - 9.45am Thu - 7.00pm
Christmas 2023...


Sunday 24 December is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Masses will be celebrated at the usual Sunday times on that morning.

Masses for Christmas Eve will be celebrated in the evening of Sunday 24th December

St Colman's, Dromore – 6pm

All Saints, Ballela – 8pm

Masses on Christmas Day are at the usual Sunday times

All Saints, Ballela - 9.45am

St Colman's, Dromore – 11am

Letter to the people of the Diocese, 25th Nov 2023

Letter from Archbishop Martin

Archbishop Eamon Martin has today written a letter to the people of the Diocese of Dromore outlining how the Diocese meets its financial and other responsibilities for safeguarding children and for responding to those who have been abused in the past. The letter has been published on the diocesan (and parish) website and hard copies are also available at the back of the Church. Archbishop Eamon encourages the people of the Diocese to read the letter carefully and asks for your support in ensuring that together we can continue to keep children and vulnerable people safe in all our Church activities now and in the future. 
A letter to the people of Diocese of Dromore from Archbishop Eamon Martin
Holy Week 2023

Holy Thursday (6 April)

Mass in St Colman’s  - 6.00pm 
Mass in All Saints, Ballela – 7.30pm

Good Friday (7 April)

Stations of the Cross in both churches – 3.00pm 
Veneration of the Cross, St Colman’s – 7.30pm

Holy Saturday (8 April)

Vigil mass in St Colman’s – 9.00pm

Easter Sunday (9 April)

Masses at normal Sunday times