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R + C  Rosary and              Communion

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All Saints

Sun - 9.45am Thu - 7.00pm

We look forward to assisting couples wishing to enter a sacramental marriage.

Please email our priest Father Feidhlimidh Magennis or call 028 9269-2218, at least three months before you plan to marry, to begin preparation for this wonderful sacrament.

Attendance at a Pre Marriage course is required.

All Pre Nuptial forms must have been completed.

You can find details of Pre Marriage courses available and book them through or by calling 028 3026-3577.

Couples who intend to marry abroad and who make arrangements to do so with the help of a travel company should, like all couples, make contact with their parish in good time to give notice of marriage, to undertake the normal marriage preparation and to carry out the necessary church formalities (that is, to establish their freedom to marry).

This applies also to mixed marriages.

Couples intending to marry abroad should give more notice than usual as the legal procedures involved in a foreign marriage take a considerable amount of time.